At YCo, we provide a wide array of IT services, each designed to align with your organization's unique goals and strategies. Our core offerings encompass Software Development Services, Systems Integration, and Managed Services.

Software Development

Our exceptional team of developers, proficient in numerous technologies and frameworks, deliver custom-designed software to address your specific needs. Our capabilities include:

Web-based Application Design and Development:
Crafting intuitive, high-performing applications that are accessible anywhere, anytime.
Legacy Application Re-engineering:
Updating and modernizing your existing applications to keep pace with evolving business requirements and technological trends.
Application Conversion & Migration:
Safely and efficiently migrating your systems to modern, superior platforms.
Application Customization / Feature Enhancement:
Modifying applications to meet your unique business needs and enhancing functionality for better performance.
Business Process Automation Software:
Streamlining business operations to reduce manual workloads and increase efficiency.
IT Hardware and Third-Party Software Supply & Support:
Providing cutting-edge hardware and comprehensive support for third-party software.
IT Support & Maintenance Solutions:
Offering robust support and maintenance services to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly.
Data Warehousing, Data Mining, and BI Services:
Delivering insightful, data-driven intelligence for strategic decision making.

Systems Integration

Navigating the complex landscape of enterprise software can be a challenge. At YCo, we excel in implementing, testing, and integrating enterprise software systems, ensuring the disparate subsystems function together as a unified whole.

We use a variety of techniques including computer networking, enterprise application integration, and manual programming. By focusing on increasing value to the customer, we improve product quality and performance while also providing value to your company by reducing operational costs and improving response time.

Managed Services

“Working with YCo has been an absolute pleasure. Their expertise in Software development is second to none, and they were instrumental in translating our vision into a custom software solution. From the initial stages of design to the final stages of development, their team was professional, responsive, and highly skilled”

Brenna Goyette
Logic USA

Outsourcing the responsibility for maintaining and anticipating needs for a range of processes and functions can be both cost-effective and operationally efficient.

Our managed services model allows you to do just that. We ensure your software is maintained, system functionality is preserved, data is clean, and business progression stays on track.

By trusting YCo with your operational details, you can focus on achieving your strategic objectives.