Our commitment to providing top-notch service, combined with our extensive experience and innovative approach, makes us a trusted partner among global innovators. We cater to businesses of all sizes across diverse industries, and we're committed to offering the finest service to our clients.

Logic Info

Data Analytics, Enterprise System


Logic Information Systems

Logic Info partners with the world's leading retailers, enabling them to move faster, innovate smarter, and thrive amidst the challenges of retail disruption. Their expert consultants apply proven methodologies and unique technology assets to drive customer loyalty, boost revenues, and outpace the competition.

Clients include esteemed names like 7-Eleven, Al Shaya, David Yurman, Express, Louis Vuitton, Makro, Oxxo, Ralph Lauren, Renner, and Total Wine.

As Logic's offshore development hub, YCo plays an integral role in powering their consulting services. We specialize in all of Logic Info's data analytics work for their clients.

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Retail Analytics

2014 - Present


Robling revolutionizes the retail industry with their innovative Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) product. This cloud-based analytics solution helps retailers unlock valuable insights, leading to increased revenue, enhanced margins, and boosted productivity.

Robling's satisfied customers include major retailers such as Belk, Hot Topic, and Accent Decor.

As Robling's offshore development hub, YCo plays a crucial role in building and continuously improving the DaaS product. We ensure seamless integration for Robling's clients, helping them unlock the true potential of their data and fueling future growth.

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Trading Management System


Nepal Stock Exchange

NEPSE, the sole stock exchange of Nepal, showcases over 226 diverse companies and had a market capitalization of Rs. 306,196 crore as of February 2023. In a transformative partnership with NEPSE, YCo developed an innovative platform that provided individual traders with real-time trading access, a leap beyond traditional brokerage systems.

This pioneering solution, fostering financial inclusivity, was a testament to YCo's commitment to leveraging technology to create more open and accessible markets.

Today, YCo remains an integral part of NEPSE's technological journey, continuously enhancing and expanding the platform to adapt to changing market needs and to further improve user experience, solidifying our role as a reliable partner for continuous innovation and development.


Fintech Solution

2022 - Present


Tala is a technology company making digital financial services accessible globally. Their consumer credit app is the world’s most accessible, instantly underwriting and disbursing loans to people who have never had a formal credit history. They have successfully established themselves as a major player in financial lending services by making their innovative application accessible to everyone.

Since 2022, YCo has been providing engineering services to its core function. Our efforts of consistently providing high-quality technical solutions have been instrumental in aiding Tala achieve its objectives. Despite time zone challenges, out adeptness in asynchronous communications, commitment to deadlines, and value delivery have been key in establishing a strong partnership based on trust.

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Nepal Government

Software Solutions, Consulting

2010 - Present

Nepal Government

Over the past two decades, YCo has built a steadfast relationship with the Government of Nepal. With an in-depth understanding of the unique demands of public sector operations, we've been their primary provider of IT services.

Working with various governmental agencies such as the Police, Tourism, and Transportation, YCo crafts software and systems to streamline their processes and bolster efficiency. We continue to leverage our technological expertise and innovative approach, aiding in improving public services and driving their digital transformation journey forward.

The public sector has specific demands that differ from those in the private sector. These can include stricter regulations, transparency requirements, and the need for large-scale, robust systems. YCo's in-depth understanding of these demands has enabled us to effectively serve the Government of Nepal